Running for JSK

Have you got what it takes to run for JSK?

We want to use your energy, aspirations and generosity of spirit to help disadvantaged kids realise their potential… something we all know was dear to the heart of John Skipper Kelly.

In 2011 we started the Running for JSK initiative as a way to connect with our good friends, and those who knew and loved Dad in an event our whole family loves, and which Dad always ran with a great deal of enthusiasm: the city to surf. The event was a great success, so this year we are hoping to make it bigger and for that we want everyone to get involved!

How can you get involved?

1.     Register for the 2015 city 2 surf and join the team Running for JSK

                Entries are now open:

2.     Confirm your registration with us

We will send you further details for the event – including how to fundraise for us, and details for event day and the city2surf after party.

3.     Fundraise – ask family and friends to donate.

4.     Buy the merch - official Running For JSK T-shirt, Singlet and Hat orders can be made soon – details to come.

5.     Get training!

How about joining a running Group? – Sydney – Balmain Jacqui Azizi  - P.I. fitness is sponsoring a training program for runners for the Running for JSK  City to Surf.  Saturday mornings at 6..30 a.m. A small group is already in training. please contact Jacqui on 0402156160 for further details.

For more details email  : 

Tess Kelly (Trustee of the JSK Fund)

In 2006 I ran my first ever city 2 surf; dad was by my side. Prior to the event, people had been hyping up the difficulty of heartbreak hill, to the point that I never though I’d get through it. 8 km in and it started to get hilly, so I turned to Dad asking if this was heartbreak hill. He just chuckled and said that it was still to come. So I kept running, thinking that if there were harder things still to come then this mustn’t be too bad. A few minutes later the ground flattened out and I saw the sign ‘you’ve beaten heartbreak hill’. I turned to Dad who was smiling. ‘See you did it’. ‘Challenges are only impossible if you think of them as being impossible Tess’.

This is something that Dad truly believed and acted out throughout his life. The young people from disadvantaged communities he worked with at Activate were born into a postcode that necessarily means that they will not have the opportunities we take for granted, however Dad strongly believed that this situation could be changed if we had faith in ourselves to make a difference.

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterflys wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. Every little action that we individually take goes together to create something powerful. Dad taught me to believe this, and I hope you can all believe it too.  Tess Kelly – 24 March 2012 .