What the JSK Fund does

The focus of the JSK Fund is providing opportunities for young people from a range of backgrounds so that they may contribute to their communities in a positive way. 

1. Scholarships for the Aurora Internship Project

The Aurora Project arranges for law and social science students to undertake internships with indigenous organisations.

These internships are of great benefit to both the interns – who develop their practical legal or public policy skills – and the indigenous organisations they assist.

Since 2016, the JSK Fund has provided scholarships for two students each year to complete Aurora internships.

In 2018, the JSK Fund donated $6000 to the Aurora Project to support two students to complete internships. One student completed an internship with the Kimberley Community Legal Service and wrote:

‘without the JSK’s financial support I would not have been able to intern at KCLS…

My experience was entirely positive and is a fantastic way to experience the interaction of legal policy with the culture of remote indigenous communities’.

Another student is currently completing an internship with the Central Desert Native Title Services.

Previous recipients of the JSK Fund’s scholarships have included indigenous students and students who otherwise could not afford to do Aurora internships. They have interned with organisations such as Queensland South Native Title Services, the Environmental Defenders Office (NT), the Northern Land Council, and with barristers specialising in native title

Ben and Tess Kelly – one of John’s sons and John’s daughter – both completed self funded Aurora Internships while at university and have drawn on those experiences in their current work on Indigenous law and policy issues.

2. Oz Green

Through the Youth Leading The World program, Oz Green trains young people to tackle environmental problems facing the world today. This involves running an annual congress that identifies environmental problems, plans personal and community action for change and connects people with the power to make change locally and globally. YLTW trains facilitators to run these congresses and develops their skills in advocating for change.

Oz green has achieved significant outcomes. Between 2009 and 2018, it has trained 690 YLTW facilitators to run YLTW congresses and has directly engaged 12,000 young people.

The JSK Fund’s support enables Oz Green to provide subsidised leadership development, facilitator training and ongoing mentoring for young people who would not otherwise be able to participate.

In 2018, the JSK Fund provided $6000 to Oz Green, which helped Oz Green to:

  • Train 58 new YLTW Facilitated from 7 countries (Australia, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Uganda, Ghana);
  • involve 195 young people in YLTW Congresses; and
  • 160 community members in youth-led Community forums.

The Kelly family has had a long-standing relationship with Oz Green both through John’s work and the JSK Fund’s donations.

3. Previous funding recipients

The JSK Fund has also supported the following projects:

  • the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and the Seed Mob (AYCC’s indigenous youth climate network);
  • Social Ventures Australia’s ‘Bright Sports Schools Connection’; and
  • Activate Australia.