The 2015 city2surf was a glorious event showcasing Sydney at its very best. This year in our brand new merchandise over 80 runners joined the throng of 80,000 runners to do the annual city2surf. We were well spread across the field in both pace and age ranges.  Our fastest male runner rushed to the surf  in just 51 minutes. Speedy Holly Johnston made it across the line in a devastatingly quick 59 minutes. This ensured the team were well placed – at a modest 8th – in the team events  out of 125 teams. So while they were already  preparing pancakes at the England home(Sadly  for the last year as they have sold their beautiful home. )  the back of the pack were rearing to start.  The winners of the Spirit of JSK award – Hannah Herron and her team. A great achievement for Hannah to have completed a city2surf in her racing wheelchair pushed by James, Joel, .

The ticker award won by the Brisbane team – all did couch to 14km and ran the entire distance – overcoming many health hurdles along the way.

The everyday hero worked  well and we are proud to have raised over 8000 dollars for the JSKFUND. The highest fundraisers were…and worthy recipients of the Good Bloke Award .